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Siella has stringent internal control practices and security systems in place to ensure the safeguarding of all client information. All Siella employees are background tested and are trained in the proper handling of sensitive client material. Siella maintains strict procedural, physical and electronic safeguards to provide the due diligence necessary for meeting HIPPA and Sarbanes Oxley requirements. Our facilities are accessed only by authorized personnel and are protected by fire suppression and detection systems. The facility is temperature and humidity controlled, monitored 24/7/365. Clients have access to records during conversion. Image and data files are automatically backed up to ensure no data loss during the process.

Initial Job Setup
The sales rep and customer together complete a Project Setup Sheet defining the requirements including format, index fields, timeline and staging. A sample box is then run through the process and a sample CD is provided to the customer for approval prior to beginning the project.

Document Pickup
Clients can box their documents and create a packing list or Siella personnel can perform this service. Boxes are labeled, checked off as they are loaded and then checked off again as they are received into the Siella vault. Siella maintains a status log of each box in storage, in process, returned to the customer or destroyed.

Document Preparation
Each prep person must sign for every box they work on. All staples and clips are removed, edges straightened, tears are taped and any attached notes are placed on a carrier page with a header noting this. A barcode separator page is inserted between each document. Documents are then placed back in the box, marked as prepared and sent to the scanning department.

Scanning Process
Siella uses the most advanced scanners to produce clean, crisp B & W and color images even from challenging originals. Image capture errors such as orientation, black borders, cropping are corrected resulting in reduced file size and increased OCR read rates. Siella customers leverage our investment in technology to produce the best images at the lowest cost.

Quality Assurance
In addition to the utilizing the best equipment to maximize image quality, QC checks are made to insure there are no images that do not meet standards. Any image not meeting standards is sent back for re-scan at no additional charge to the customer.

Indexing and Data Entry
Images are indexed based upon the customer consultation, providing the search and retrieval capabilities as required yet minimizing extraneous data entry and related cost. If a customer has an existing database, Siella can utilize it for validation.

Images and data can be burned to CD/DVD along with a program for emergency recovery. Two copies of each disk are delivered to the customer and the files are kept on Siella servers for thirty days as a backup unless the client requests otherwise.

Return or Destroy Documents
Boxes are either returned to the customer or they can be shredded through secure and certified destruction.

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