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Document Conversion Services

Siella Imaging provides a service that is aimed at improving the efficiency of an office or business by improving the internal processes. The primary process we focus upon is handling and retention of the documents since businesses continue to be “buried in paper”. Our primary methodology is the conversion of paper documents and film into digital images.

Documents are scanned using state-of-the-art equipment and processes to ensure the highest possible quality. Files are scanned into industry standard formats such as PDF, Tiff, or JPEG. Siella can provide additional processing of the images to make the text searchable (Image and Text), convert the text into editable content (OCR), and stamp the documents with customer specific data (stamping). The images can be scanned in greyscale or color if needed.

The images are supplied on CD/DVD along with a control document that provides permits the searching by customer specific criteria and hyperlinks that permit the viewing of the documents. Other results can be delivered by additional means, including FTP uploads to specific computer sites. Data is supplied in a format that can be incorporated into any competent document management system or data base.

Work is normally done at our facility in Chicago to take advantage of the security and work flow efficiencies that permit high volume production. We can provide off-site production upon specific requests from customers whose volume and future needs dictate such a solution.

There are, in general, two scenarios for document conversion:

1. Back File Conversion
2. Day Forward Conversion

Back file conversion focuses on a business’s historical files and Day-Forward solutions focus on the methodology for work done each day. Back File conversion usually is done in isolation with little impact on the daily work while Day Forward requires much more integration and coordination to ensure that the business functions are not disrupted. Siella’s customer integration and consultation service are directed at implementing the proper coordination.

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