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How do I get started? - Creating a digital archive can be a daunting task. Siella can help by organizing your project, incorporating a backfile and day forward solution. We typically start with the documents that cause the most problems or exposure. We then create a plan incorporating estimated cost, methodology and timeline.

Can I get a price quote? – In order to get an accurate price quote, we need to have a sample of the document types and an estimate number of documents. We can have an estimator come to your facility to review the document types and perform a quantity count at no charge to you.

Can I see what it will look like? - Siella will create a sample CD for your review at no charge so you know exactly what the finished product will be. This will include the images and related index data for searching.

Our documents are extremely sensitive, is it safe to have the work done off-site? - Siella screens all employees and provides limited access through thumbprint recognition to documents while in the scanning process. We have a representative come on-site who creates a manifest of all documents. Siella can provide any individual document a customer may require while in process. Our facility and process meet compliance standards such as HIPAA.

What file format should I use? –We typically create industry standard multi-page TIF or PDF, although can provide virtually any format you require. There are several options for each of these formats such as resolution, OCR (optical character recognition), thumbnails, indexes etc. A Siella representative will be able to help you with this decision if you do not have a standard in place and can provide tangible examples of all options.

What is OCR? – OCR (optical character recognition) is the process of converting printed material into digital files and building a searchable index of the characters incorporated in the document which can be extremely helpful finding content within large documents. While great advances have been made recently in this technology, it is not an exact science and does not work well with handwriting or poor originals. Siella will be able to show if OCR would work for your documents.

What is indexing? - Indexing is the process of relating hard data to digital images for later retrieval. Siella creates a database which allows for later document search capabilities or import to your existing document management system. Without proper indexing, it would be next to impossible to find a document and with indexing the document is at your fingertips.

What happens to my documents after they are scanned? – After documents are scanned, they are held in a secure access area until the digital files are accepted by the customer. We perform a visual inspection of each page and rescan any documents which are questionable. Once delivered to the customer, the originals can be sent back to the customer, sent to an off-site storage location or destroyed.

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