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The federal government has begun to phase in requirements for the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) by 2011, promising up to $50 billion over the next five years to facilitate this transition. This move to modernize healthcare’s infrastructure will benefit physicians, health administrators, and patients by reducing errors, saving time, cutting costs, and ensuring privacy. Furthermore, research has indicated that, even in the absence of external funding, the average practice could cover its costs in under 2.5 years and, after that, profit an average of $33,000 per physician per year due to increased coding levels, increased Medicare & Medicaid reimbursements, improved billing, and greater overall efficiency.

Whether you plan to upgrade to electronic medical systems in the near future, already have systems in place, or just want to save money and space on storage, it has been our experience that in order for EHRs to be of any significant benefit, continuity must be established between paper records and electronic records.

Siella Imaging is able to provide you with you with the systems required to successfully transition your current physical records for use with your future electronic medical systems. Our end product will:

  1. Establish an electronic patient records system that is instantly usable, even in the absence of costly software.
  2. Create a custom, directly importable data model for any EHR system in use.
  3. Provide you with a means to test out your current systems in order to determine which features and functions will be necessary, and anticipate what issues there will be with storage and access.

To demonstrate, we will build a prototype of your patient records, free of charge. Just provide us with a representative sample of records and we'll do the rest! Call us or have a representative contact you to get started.


(If you are having problems with viewing the records off of the web, you can download the whole sample all at once HERE)

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