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There are three options when scanning documents:
1. Scan - the pages are scanned and the image is retained
2. Image and text - the pages are scanned, the image is retained and searchable text is created
3. Text - the pages are scanned and the image is converted to text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

In all three cases, the documents can be INDEXED to provide organization and to help find documents

Normally, documents are SCANNED AND INDEXED. This is the simplest and least expensive. The advantage is that the image is “locked” and cannot be altered and the indexing is done in such a way that retrieval is cost effective and useful.

The second option is IMAGE AND TEXT. A PDF file is created that has an exact image of the page with searchable text in an underlying database. It retains the purity of being a picture with the added capability of extensive searching.

As an example of this technique, we have provided an excerpt from a large, highly technical document- “The Flowering Plants of Monterey County”. Using Adobe Reader, you should be able to load this example and search for text as well as view detailed images and scientific wording that would not be consistently recognized on a printed page.
1 2

The third option is OCR - the full conversion of the document from a picture into text. Any errors in recognition will be visible which may impede reading and could require careful editing. Since the new document is editable, it cannot substitute for the original document and will not be acceptable in legal proceedings. It is also the most expensive option.

Siella Imaging is expert in the field of document capture and retrieval. These and other techniques are available to improve your business processes. Contact us for an in-depth analysis of your specific needs.


1 We are indebted to the author, Mary Ann Mathews, for allowing us to use a few pages from her definitive work as potent example of this powerful technique we can offer our customers
2 Note that the original of this document is about 400 pages long and is over 375MB in size. We have excerpted 3 pages to keep the size small for Internet access yet still show the concept.

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