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Document Conversion Services

We provide off-site scanning services, converting paper files or film to digital images. Files are scanned to Tiff format, with enhancements to improve the image quality. These files can also be converted to PDF format incorporating thumbnails, book marking, Image & Text, and OCR full content search for text-based documents. Other formats such as PNG as JPEG are available by request. We can additionally provide on-site scanning services if that methodology makes sense for your situation.

Our end product is typically provided on high quality DVD. In additon, we can supply whichever retrieval mechanism that meets your specific needs, including upload to an FTP, external hard drives, or a shared network drive.

There are typically three types of document conversion projects:


Backfile Conversion
Siella has procedures and a methodology already in place that will allow you to quickly and efficiently convert your existing records. The benefits of this go far beyond the reduction of on-site and off-site storage requirements. We will provide you with an idexing schema that makes senses so you quickly locate and access the records you need, improving file organization, auditing, compliance verification, file longetivity, and disaster recovery contigency.


Active Records Conversion
Often times, our clients require access to records while they are at our facility. Siella has capability to track and retrieve active records so you will never be without vital records. The requires either that we are supplied with a itinerary of documents or that we generate our own.

3. Day-Forwarding (Converting newly created documents to electronic form)
Even in the midst of the digital revolution, most businesses are still buried in paper. If this were the only issue, we could just ship our documents to a far-off storage facility. However, the reality is that businesses are required to retrieve, work with, and distribute their documents in real time.

In response to these pervasive and often stringent demands, we have developed and implemented a Day Forward methodology that goes far beyond the physical scanning of paper and film. In addition to reducing paper storage requirements, our services streamline workflows, minimize recurring and incremental costs, and empower businesses to operate more efficiently – in effect, as if they had much larger administrative staffs without the increased overhead. We are able to handle all of your initial paper and electronic discovery requirements: sorting, imaging, indexing, and stamping, so you can work with electronic documents from the very start.

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